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Web Hosting
Only at HK$38,you can enjoy 2GB webspace and our professional services with unlimited bandwidth. Keynet's Linux servers are located in Hong Kong Datacenter which is equipped with Dual Quad Core Xeon CPU and at least 16GB ECC Ram.
Email Service
Only at HK$28,you can enjoy 4GB super big email space (50 pop3). Free anti-virus & anit-spam mail function will be provided. Fast, Cheap and Secure. It also supports outlook, webmail and mobile at the same time.
Domain Service
Clients can enjoy a discount if they apply for the international domain or Hong Kong domain and web-hosting at the same time. We also offer many kinds of domain extension for your selection.
Dedicated Server
Keynet has acquired Microsoft SPLA. We are a legal dedicated server provider with windows server. Our servers are all located in World Class datacenter in HK. Each dedicated server is connected to the internet backbone with 10Mbps connectivity by default. Our reliable and rapid network service always fits your demand. If you cannot choose a suitable one among our dedicated server plans, we can setup the server with the specification you want.
Virtual Dedicated Server
Adopting OpenVZ, the virtualization technology, KeyNet partitions a powerful server into several VDS. Each VDS runs on its own operating system with its dedicated storage, Ram, IP address as well as network resources. Each VDS in the same server works like a dedicated server, operating smoothly without any interruptions by other VDSs. VDS is an ideal solution as it is economic and high flexibility.
Web Design
Keynet helps customers to implement the most popular and reliable Wordpress CMS system. With the user-friendly CMS, customers can easily update the website and add products without any knowledge of HTML and website design skills.
DIY Site Builder
DIY Site Builder which you can design your own website without any html or programming knowledge. Over 190 responsive website templates for selection.
Online Shop
Want an easy-to-handleand multi-functional online shop with multi-language and multi-currency? Keynet's Online Shop System can help you! More than 200 templates are now available! Installation Fee is HK$1980 up. You can easily operate your business online.
SSL Certificate
SSL certificate can enhance data security by encrypting data over the internet, especially for online shop.
Virtual Private Network
Keynet VPN IPSec service supports Windows, Mac and Mobile.
Search Marketing
Search Engine marketing is more and more important in this fast changing Cyber world. We are now providing you with a basic package for the search engine submission.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO helps to improve the search result by optimizing the keywords to get a higher ranking. With the analysis reports, you can understand what advantage the SEO can bring to your business.