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Dedicated server virtualization technology is the most fashionable trend in a green society. The improvement in hardware and the efficiency of servers, added on the increase of the demand towards Dedicated Server, undoubtedly lead to the invention of VDS.

Adopting OpenVZ, the virtualization technology, KeyNet partitions a powerful server into several VDS. Each VDS runs in its own operating system with its dedicated storage, Ram, IP address as well as network resources. Each VDS in the same server works like a dedicated server, operating smoothly without any interruptions by other VDSs. VDS is an ideal solution as it is economic and high flexiblilty.

Advantages of choosing VDS :

- VDS in the same server has its own specific storage, CPU, Ram, dedicated IP and network resources. VDS can ensure much affordability in functions with the simplicity of traditional shared hosting.
- VDS operation just like a dedicated server. You can install any software and application on your own.
- VDS costs you a more reasonable price than a dedicated server does as the cost for data centre reduces.
- VDS has good flexibility. You can utilize the server resources by choice.
- VDS suits your needs including corporate (e.g. FTP servers / email servers / company websites) and personal (e.g. forums / blogs / facebook applications) uses.

KeyNet VDS – Why Us?

- Our easily-handled control panel, DirectAdmin, lets you manage the server effectively.
- Our VDS stores unlimited domains and email addresses.
- Our VDS pre-installed anti-spam and anti-virus software.
- Our VDS is secure as software firewall is equipped.
- With operation of RAID 1 mirror, our VDS guarantees 99.9% uptime
- We offer 7 x 24 email technical supports.
- We offer free VDS Reboot
- We provide different VDS plans to meet your requirements. VDS upgrade is available upon request.

VDS Plan